Adoption workshop testimonials

“The welcome and greeting into the space was professional but deeply personal and profound.

Dan’s way of working with groups of traumatized people is so moving and respectful.

I felt safe and heard and supported every step of the way.

He talks in a profound and deeply moving way about his own journey and is very easy to talk to. He held the group so well that although there was a lot of emotion at times, no one was overwhelmed.

The exercises that we did were challenging emotionally but I felt very safe and held doing them.

Both days ended with everyone well and happy and able to leave and go back into the world drained but with a new sense of hope. Hope for a better way of being in the world and a sense of possibility of living a life less fractured and painful.

The second day blew me away completely. The family constellation work was everything I thought it would be and more. Being part of the second constellation was so amazing, the feelings thoughts and emotions coming through and especially the feeling of nausea at one point was proof that it wasn’t “me making things up”.

The shift in everyone and the depths we went to will stay with me forever. It totally reinforced my worldview of our interconnection and brought it to life.

Every part of the weekend as you say was medicine. The talking the listening the taking part and the watching. The way you describe everything is perfect”.

Susie Kelly

“In the safe space provided by Dan, I really got that there are different parts of me – a healthy self, a traumatised self and a survivor self and that in order to heal I need to embrace the traumatised self which up to now I have unwittingly been avoiding. This realisation is key for me and has led to a number of insights including the realisation that connection to self and to others leads to healing. I came away from the workshop with a significantly higher level of self-awareness.

What Dan offers in this workshop is safety, acceptance and love. He is an inspiration who has walked the path himself”.


“I listened to my intuition “just book it” and I did 🙂 I will never regret that choice.

I never knew I could feel this level of connection, listening to each other’s stories we began to see that we shared very familiar territory, we had all faced similar challenges. We could offer each other true understanding, compassion, and connection in a safe environment.

I had never considered that my adoption could have caused trauma, after all, I had loving parents and a stable environment > I would not allow myself to consider the fact that the adoption itself may have affected the way I view the world and those people who live in it. I found the group activities helpful, when I took part in the family constellation activity I had no idea how it was going to play out. Daniel facilitated the activity, it helped to bring out some core feelings that I held, which surprised me, that came bubbling to the surface. I could see how I had put up barriers and kept feeling buried deep down. I was given permission to accept all parts of myself, seeing where the trauma began, having to potential to heal it and feel the emotions I had had all my life made it powerful. Everyone in the group connected with each other, it was a safe space to be in, I would cry listening to other people’s stories as they would with me.

For once I felt understood, less crazy. I was no longer alone in the world. I wish every person who has faced challenges in relation to their adoption would get a chance to take part in one of these workshops. It will be one of the greatest gifts to give yourself. I have realized why some self-destructive patterns have emerged and the layers that I created to survive. I have more empathy for myself and I’m willing to go down deep and heal. I was blown away, I feel that having someone like Daniel who specializes in adoption and has been adopted himself adds to the effectiveness of his workshop. It wasn’t easy after a lot of emotions and energies getting released we were knackered, make sure to bring water.

Leave the overthinking outside the door and allow what’s meant to happen, happen and I believe that your higher self with guide you through this experience and bring to light what needs to be healed”.

Ciara Orr

“This weekend was the 1st experience I had of not being “different”. Everyone has walked my path in some shape or form. I experience connections to emotions I wasn’t even aware of and I know this is because I felt completely at ease and safe with Dan and the other group members. It was a really valuable experience and has helped me realise that I am important and so are my feelings. It’s time to put myself 1st now. Although every group participants journey was completely different I really saw how although we were all in different boats, we were all travelling the same river. Thanks again to Daniel x”.


“I recently attended a 2 day workshop that Daniel hosted for people that are adopted. Imagine, a room with people who know exactly how you feel, without having to put words to the feelings and emotions, because the other adoptees know them intimately. I have never sat in a room only with other adoptees, I think the same was true for us all, and being able to do so was wonderful and empowering.

It was a weekend of joyous discovery, tears, open hearts, healing, sharing, trauma being realised and released, all in a very safe and sacred container. Daniel’s own adoption story, training, expertise and passion, make him an extraordinarily gifted facilitator, confident and able. I felt honoured, validated, heard, seen, felt, understood and safe. I was able to dive deep into my subconscious memories to experience profound healing.

Through the family constellations work, I was able to not only see my own constellation in progress, but to play that part for the others. It’s quite incredible to see the family dynamics playing out and once these patterns can be seen, we can undo them and experience freedom.

I have suffered all my life (49 years) as a result of my adoption. But now, thanks to Daniel’s workshop, I can say it brought me to a place where I was finally able to heal the story once and for all and come into a place of peace. Yes, I’ve healed my adoption story and I am at peace. For the first time in my life. It’s absolutely incredible because I didn’t ever feel I could find peace with this.

I would recommend Daniel’s work to anyone who needs to heal their adoption story. In a heartbeat”.